A Board Committed to Student Success

The California Online Public Schools Board ensures our tuition-free online public school is doing all it can to lead our students toward a bright and successful future.

Our School Board At Work

The California Online Public Schools Board is led by an independent Board of Directors that oversees the school’s operations and ensures that it’s following its mission to help students learn and grow. View more here for additional information such as upcoming meetings, documents, and board member info. All meetings of the California Online Public Schools Board of Directors are held telephonically on the Zoom platform. Public input is important and encouraged, please find our Public Comment Policy here and our Public Comment Request Form here. Please see board meeting agendas below for links to the meetings.

Governance Calendar
2023-2024 Board Meeting Schedule
April 3, 2024 Board Meeting - Continued
April 2, 2024 Board Meeting - Adjourned
February 6, 2024 Board Meeting
December 5, 2023 Board Meeting
November 7, 2023 Board Meeting
October 3, 2023 Board Meeting
September 5, 2023 Board Meeting
2022-2023 Board Meeting Schedule
June 21, 2023 Board Meeting
May 23, 2023 Board Meeting
April 25, 2023 Board Meeting
February 28, 2023 Board Meeting
January 24, 2023 Board Meeting
December 6, 2022 Board Meeting
October 25, 2022 Board Meeting
September 27, 2022 Board Meeting
August 23, 2022 Board Meeting
2021-2022 Board Meeting Schedule
June 28, 2022 Board Meeting
May 24, 2022 Board Meeting
April 26, 2022 Board Meeting
March 22, 2022 Board Meeting
March 09, 2022 Continued Board Meeting
February 24, 2022 Continued Board Meeting
February 22, 2022 Continued Board Meeting
January 25, 2022 Board Meeting
December 17, 2021 Special Board Meeting
December 14, 2021 Cancelled Special Board Meeting
December 7, 2021 Board Meeting
October 26, 2021 Board Meeting
September 28, 2021 Board Meeting
August 24, 2021 Board Meeting
August 3, 2021 Special Board Meeting
2020-2021 Board Meeting Schedule
June 22, 2021 Board Meeting
May 25, 2021 Board Meeting
April 27, 2021 Board Meeting
February 23, 2021 Board Meeting
January 26, 2021 Board Meeting
December 1, 2020 Board Meeting
October 27, 2020 Board Meeting
September 22, 2020 Board Meeting
August 25, 2020 Board Meeting
July 17, 2020 Special Board Meeting
2019-2020 Board Meeting Schedule
June 23, 2020 Annual Board Meeting
May 26, 2020 Board Meeting
April 28, 2020 Board Meeting
March 19, 2020 Emergency Board Meeting
March 16, 2020 Special Board Meeting
February 25, 2020 Board Meeting
January 28, 2020 Board Meeting
December 3, 2019 Board Meeting
October 22, 2019 Board Meeting
September 24, 2019 Board Meeting
August 27, 2019 Board Meeting
2018-2019 Board Meeting Schedule
June 18, 2019 Board Meeting
May 31, 2019 Special Board Meeting
May 28, 2019 Board Meeting - Canceled
April 23, 2019 Board Meeting
February 26, 2019 Board Meeting
January 22, 2019 Board Meeting
December 4, 2018 Board Meeting
October 23, 2018 Board Meeting
September 25, 2018 Board Meeting
August 28, 2018 Board Meeting

Board Member Roster

Elaine Pavlich is a transplant to California over 20 years ago from Pennsylvania. She graduated from Reading High School and worked for The Gap in several locations in a management capacity. Upon moving to Southern California, she met her now-husband and continued to work as Store Manager for The Gap in Huntington Beach until leaving on maternity leave in 1999. Being a stay-at-home mom to Wynnter was Ms. Pavlich’s true passion. Wynnter had been enrolled in the local brick-and-mortar elementary school for first grade and while Ms. Pavlich helped both in the classroom and with lunch tables and recess monitoring, as well as on the School Site Council and with the PTA, she felt that she would rather teach Wynnter at home. That brought the Pavlich Family to CalOPS very soon after the school first opened.

Wynnter graduated from CalOPS in 2017 and is pursuing a career as a make-up artist. During Wynnter’s 11 years enrolled in CalOPS, Ms. Pavlich was a proud and devoted Learning Coach. She has been on the Governing Board of CalOPS for about 10 years, serving at various times in the roles of Secretary, Treasurer, and now President. She also served in past years on the CalOPS Board as the Secretary. She has proudly been to graduation/promotion ceremonies on behalf of the board and assisted with handing out diplomas to both the eighth graders and seniors. Ms. Pavlich also volunteers with the outreach team to communicate with newly enrolled or families interested in enrolling with a California Online Public Schools School to learn the perspective of the Learning Coach. This communication is done either by email, phone, online live lessons, or in- person meetings.

Diana Rivas is an involved parent representative to two children currently enrolled in the California Online Public Schools program. She has a wealth of experience as a manager, team leader, and motivator, including experience in the food service industry. Ms. Rivas has dedicated her life to serving the community, including a local Girl Scout Troop, Venture Crew, local youth sports, church groups, and serving food to those less fortunate. As a Learning Coach, Ms. Rivas understands how children learn differently and how they correlate their growing knowledge to the world around them. Her goal is to continue representing the needs and interests of students and parents. Ms. Rivas started serving as a parent representative in the spring of 2017.

Mike Henjum is a life-long educator, serving in various private schools in Orange County for the past 26 years as a teacher, coach, and principal. He is currently the Head of Advancement at Saddleback Valley Christian School in San Juan Capistrano. Mr. Henjum earned his B.A. from Vanguard University, M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from Grand Canyon University, and has completed additional post-graduate work at Portland State University and UC Irvine. Mr. Henjum chose to join this board because of his dedication to schools that provide a rigorous, college-prep curriculum to students and his belief that school choice is an effective way to achieve greater student achievement, with charter schools being one of the most effective vehicles to accomplish this goal. He has also served as Treasurer in past years.

Adam Pulsipher is currently serving as the Assistant Administrator for the California Department of Veterans Affairs- Lancaster Home. He has been working with disabled Veterans since 2015. He has enjoyed a career in the operations of Healthcare Facilities for nearly 20 years. He is small business owner and received his Master’s in Business Administration in 2015. As a father of five children, quality education is a key part of his family’s life. Mr. Pulsipher chose to serve on the Board of Directors to stay connected with the changes in curriculum, teaching styles and modalities, and as a way to serve in his local community. He has been a Board member since 2017.

Paul Hedrick is a public high school math teacher who has been in education for 17 years. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and then earned a teaching credential in the state of California through Chapman University. He received a Master’s in Education with an emphasis on Educational Technology from National University. He has worked in the Natomas Unified School District and is currently employed in the San Juan Unified School District. Mr. Hedrick has participated in textbook adoptions and with leadership groups as part of his educational career. His desire to serve on the Board comes from the feeling that students need multiple options in regards to education.

Mr. Wickliffe is an active-duty Parole Agent with over seven years of law enforcement and community safety experience. In May of 2008, Mr. Wickliffe graduated from California State University, Northridge with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Psychology. Mr. Wickliffe furthered his academic achievements in May 2015 by graduating with distinction from California State University, Northridge with a Masters in Social Work Degree. He has assisted an array of youth by working as a youth counselor for a juvenile group home and a youth wraparound facilitator for Tarzana Treatment Centers. Moreover, Mr. Wickliffe held the position of Associate Clinical Social Worker/Mental Health Therapist for at-risk youth offenders. Mr. Wickliffe has a deep desire to assist individuals from different communities with achieving lifelong success through educational equity. As a result, Mr. Wickliffe has dedicated his time to aid in the development of students by lending a helping hand in the development of useful teaching modalities, identifying groundbreaking educational curriculum and assisting children with becoming the leaders of future generations.

Ben Hartelt has been a teacher at Calistoga High School since 2006. He has taught a variety of subjects from English and reading, to a variety of social studies courses, ASB student leadership, and AVID.  He has coached girls varsity volleyball and has been the Student Activities Director for 15 years.  Ben is the father of two children; a  6th grade son and a 4th grade daughter.  He spends his free time outdoors, camping, fishing, and hunting. He loves cooking and eating with others, preferably in front of a campfire. 

Prior to becoming a teacher, Ben worked for a non-profit called The Family Care Network.  He was a Youth Development Specialist who worked with children about to transition out of the foster care system and into adult life.  This has helped him develop a broad perspective on the transition his students are going through as they leave childhood behind and move into the uncertainty of adult life. This is why 12th grade economics is his favorite class to teach.  He believes that success and failure are largely a result of our choices. Ben brings excitement, curiosity, and a grounded sense of reality to his classroom lessons.  

Ben went to college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, a school whose working motto is “Learn by doing.” This is a large reason why he pursued a position on the CalOPS Board of Directors. He is interested in learning about the organizational and financial structure of running a modern, even cutting edge, school.