How do Online Students Socialize?

Socialization is an essential part of any education experience, helping students gain confidence, foster empathy, and develop social skills that they will need long into adulthood. 

Children from all over the state will meet with their fellow students in LiveClass sessions and may have opportunities to collaborate with them on school projects.

We offer activities for High School students and our Middle School offers periodic social activities exclusively for Middle School students such as pizza socials, field days, art nights, virtual honor roll meet ups and more! We also encourage students to foster and maintain friendships in their local community.

Many students also find that our unique daily schedule gives them the opportunity to play sports, pursue art, volunteer or do anything else they enjoy.

Online Activities for Students Grades 9-12

Our online clubs and activities are designed to help your student make connections while pursuing their interests. In addition, many of our high school students find that participating in clubs is a great way to round out their extracurriculars and showcase their interest and passions on their college applications. 

These are student-led clubs and are subject to change

  • Talk about anime, manga, and manhwa with fellow students
  • Create Anime or Manga Recommendation presentations to share with your peers
  • Learn about Japanese culture outside of anime and visual media
  • Participate in fun games during live meetings
  • Participate in Art Shows, in which club members can share their art with one another (the art doesn’t have to be anime-related!)
  • Prepare students to be responsible in society
  • Demonstrate the importance of giving back to the community
  • Teach African-American history and demonstrate how it relates today
  • Create a safe place to meet and support everyone
  • Gain skills to help you in the business field
  • Share journeys of faith, pray together, discuss our challenges, and grow together. 
  • Opportunities to become a Devotion Lead or Prayer Warrior
  • Online study group for students to make connections with their classmates, gain motivation to do daily lessons, and understand concepts better
  • Explore coding techniques to solve algorithmic problems in USACO and Codeforces
  • No prior coding experience is necessary to attend
  • Improve coding skills to help prepare for competitions
  • Activities will cover USACO Bronze topics commonly found in the contests
  • Learn about computers and discuss new computer innovations
  • Come up with ideas to improve existing apps and platforms
  • Learn about crystals and their healing properties
  • Participate in fun experiments
  • Share art and music
  • Have fun!

A well-established international nonprofit that has reached over 580,000 students, and is committed to empowering girls to explore and excel in coding and computer science.

We offer a fun and supportive environment where students can learn, create, and connect with others who share their passion for technology.

  • For fans of K-Pop and those who want to know more
  • Watch K-Pop videos
  • Learn about new artists
  • Participate in trivia games
  • Learn about Korean culture
  • For student gamers of all types eager to connect and play together!
  • Play multiple genres of games
  • Students vote on new games
  • Create friendships through gaming
  • Talk about games with students
  • A great place for LGBTQIA+ students and allies to spend time together
  • Share art, pop culture interests, and meet new friends
  • Learn about the principles and practices of constructing bots and a variety of applications of bots
  • Discover foundations of Artificial Intelligence, such as regression, neural networks, and deep learning
  • Use learned tools to design your own AI


  • Learn what it is like to be scientists and go through the process and reasoning of those experiments

More details coming soon!

  • Improve your speaking and debate skills
  • To share ideas, stories, poems, scripts, characters, worlds – and all that we create with our words!
  • For those who have their own business or want to start their own business
  • This club offers a supportive environment, a place to share your business ideas, and a chance to hear from other entrepreneurs
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