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Our professional and engaging staff along with our school accreditations make us equipped to help your student build the skills they need and complete their California educational requirements.

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California Online Public Schools is WASC-accredited, allowing your student or child to meet all the California educational and high school graduation requirements.

This accreditation ensures that California Online Public Schools are providing quality education that can be reciprocated with other schools. The accreditation also validates the value of our education to other accredited educational institutions.

University of California and NCAA Approved

Ensure eligibility for the University of California and the California State University

Find approved “a-g” courses at California Online Public Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges accredited online schools.

Ensure eligibility for the University of California and the California State University

Find approved “a-g” courses at California Online Public Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges accredited online schools.

The following courses, organized by subject area, have been approved by the NCAA Eligibility Center for use towards initial eligibility when delivered by California Online Public Schools. 

Note that not all courses may be available at all locations, and there may be slight variations between your state’s course naming convention and the name of the course listed on the NCAA Eligibility Center High School Portal.

English 9

English 10

English 11

English 12

Honors English 9

Honors English 10

Honors English 11

Honors English 12


Speech and Debate

AP English Language & Composition

AP English Literature & Composition

Courses Available in Limited Locations:

Advanced Composition

American Lit and Comp

British Lit & Comp


Dual Credit Honors English 11

Dual Credit Honors English 12

Honors American Lit and Comp

Honors British Lit & Comp

Honors World Literature

Pre-AP English 1

Pre-AP English 2

Reading and Writing for Purpose

World Literature

American Government (year-long)


Geography and Society

Honors American Government

Honors US History

Honors World History


US History

World Geography

World History

AP Human Geography

AP Macroeconomics

AP Microeconomics

AP Psychology

AP US Government

AP US History

African American History

African American Studies

Arizona Government

Arizona United States History

Careers in Criminal Justice


Cultural Geography

Dual Credit US History

Modern World History

New Mexico History

North Carolina American History I

North Carolina American History II

North Carolina Civics and Economics

Personal Psychology

Pre-AP World History

Texas World History

US Government (semester long)

Algebra 1

Algebra 2



Honors Algebra 1

Honors Algebra 2

Honors Geometry

Honors Precalculus



AP Calculus AB

AP Statistics

Advanced Algebra with Financial Applications

Advanced Quantitative Reasoning

Algebra I with Probability

Algebra II with Statistics

CCGPS Advanced Algebra

CCGPS Analytic Geometry

CCGPS Coordinate Algebra

Dual Credit Honors Algebra 2

Dual Credit Precalculus

Dual Credit Trigonometry

Geometry with Data Analysis

Honors Algebra I with Probability

Honors Algebra II with Statistics

Honors Geometry with Data Analysis

Linear Systems and Statistics

Math 1

Math 2

Math 3

Math IV

North Carolina High School Math I

North Carolina High School Math II

North Carolina High School Math III

Pre-AP Algebra 1

Pre-AP Algebra 2

Pre-AP Geometry

Pre-AP Precalculus

Probability and Statistics

Quantitative Reasoning

Secondary Math I

Secondary Math II

Secondary Math III


AP Calculus BC

An asterisk (*) denotes a course with a lab requirement.



Earth Science*

Environmental Science*

Honors Biology*

Honors Chemistry*

Honors Earth Science*

Honors Physical Science*

Honors Physics*

Physical Science*


AP Biology*

AP Environmental Science*

Anatomy and Physiology

Conservation Science

Earth Space Science*

Environmental Systems

Honors Earth Space Science*

Integrated Chemistry and Physics*

Introduction to Astronomy

Pre-AP Biology*

Pre-AP Chemistry*

Texas Biology*

Texas Chemistry*

Texas Honors Biology*

Texas Honors Chemistry*

French I

French II

French III

French IV

German I

German II

German III

Japanese I

Japanese II

Sign Language I

Sign Language II

Spanish I

Spanish II

Spanish III

Spanish IV

AP Spanish Language

American Sign Language I

American Sign Language II

University Bound

“My daughter wrapped up the first semester with over a 4.0, she received an academic letter from her former high school for having a 3.5 or higher for 9th and 10th grade, and she just verbally committed to play D1 Beach Volleyball for Tulane University in 2024.”

– Parent to an 11th grader in Southern California

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